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Beard Wax

Top Advantages of Using Beard Wax

Having beards are great because they add confidence and may even help you attract the opposite sex. But maintaining them can be difficult, especially if they start growing unruly and out of shape. Fortunately, there are beard products that can help you maintain your beard while also ensuring its health. Get to know the advantages of using beard wax below.

Beard Wax

Advantages of Using Beard Wax

Beard wax is similar to its other beard products but has a stronger and better hold. If your goal is to style and manage your beard hair, using beard wax is a great option. Usually, this type of product doesn’t have too much oil, including cocoa butter or shea butter, making it a non-greasy product for your beard.

How Do Beard Wax Work

Beard wax is known as a styling agent that is similar to hairsprays but better. They are made out of beeswax, a natural ingredient that can help soften the hair and dries that will create a stronghold without feeling greasy. Beard wax is natural and highly effective, so you don’t have to worry about it irritating your skin. If you want to create a lasting, complex, and intricate style, beard wax is the best beard styling product to use.

Advantages of Using Beard Wax

If you have a beard, most likely, your goal is to style and flaunt it. Using beard wax is one of the best beard products that you can use to help achieve a groomed beard. Not only that, there are other advantages of using beard wax besides having to style it easily. 

Protects the Beard Hair

Beard wax acts as the beard hair’s coating to help protect it against harmful agents and weather, including rain, dirt, dust, and wind. 

Easy to Tame

Beard hair is often dry, fuzzy, untamed, and unmanageable. But with beard wax, you surely can tame your hair easily; as mentioned above, a good beard wax has a lasting and stronger hold. 

Great for Styling

Beard wax is ideal for styling because it holds to your beard. You can style your beard hair in any way that you please. 

Moisturized Beard Hair

Good beard wax is packed with carrier oils and essential oils, which help nourish and moisturize your beard. All these oils will make your beard look healthy and lively. 

Will Not Damage Your Beard

Unlike other facial hair products, a good beard wax will never damage your hair or the skin underneath it. It will only provide you with a cleaner and sleeker look without you worrying about ruining your hair. 

Good Alternative

Beard wax is an excellent alternative to other hair products, including hair sprays. They are also healthier for your hair and safer to use. 

How to Apply Beard Wax

Beard Trimming Before Beard Wax Application

Clean Your Beard Hair

Your beard can accumulate dust and dirt; that’s why cleaning it every day is essential. Styling a dirty beard can be difficult, especially that all residue got trapped within the strands of your hair. You can clean your beard with a beard shampoo or a shampoo that you use to the hair on your scalp. But beard shampoos are ideal because they have natural oils that will keep your beard nourished and moisturized. 

Dry Your Beard Hair

Once you have thoroughly rinsed your beard, dry it before applying the beard wax. It would be best to use a soft towel or a blow dryer if you are in a hurry, but don’t use a blow dryer often, as this can make your beard look rough and dull. If you must, you can use it in a medium heat setting. 

Untangle Your Beard Hair

Untangle your beard hair by combing it gently. This will help it become more manageable once you apply the beard wax later on. There are beard combs today that are solely used for the beard or any facial hair. Beard combs are usually made out of cellulose acetate, metal, and wood. 

Prepare the Beard Wax

Prepare the beard wax by softening it first because when wax is at room temperature, it solidifies because of the fatty acids that it contains. You can quickly soften the wax by exposing the bottom part of the container to boiling water for a minute or two.

You can also use a blow dryer over the can or run the tin can under hot water. Softening the wax is essential to make the application easier. 

Applying the Beard Wax 

Now that your beard and the beard wax are both prepared and ready, it’s now time to apply the beard wax. You can start using the wax by doing the following: 

  • Using a finger, scoop a beard wax from the tin can. Make sure to scoop a dime-sized to avoid overly applying wax to your beard. 
  • Rub the wax in. between your forefinger and tub to soften it more, or you can rub it directly to your palms until it almost liquefies. 
  • Start applying the wax to your beard, and make sure not to apply too much because it can leave residue and flakes later on.  
  • Massage the hair using the wax so you can evenly distribute the wax, or you can use your beard comb to help distribute the wax. 
  • You can repeat the process if you notice that your beard hair still needs a little more wax for styling. 
  • Start styling your beard hair in your desired style.


If you want to style your beard hair while keeping it well-nourished and moisturized, using a good beard wax will definitely help you out. Just make sure to find a beard wax with all the right and natural ingredients for your beard hair.

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